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26 Mean (average) questions with solutions for 11 plus exams. Ages 9, 10, 11

26 Mean (average) questions with solutions for 11 plus exams. Ages 9, 10, 11

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Maths Practice Questions for 11 plus Exams

Comprehensive Maths Practice: Our 11+ Maths Practice Questions resource is tailored to help kids excel in their 11 plus entrance exams. It provides extensive practice for maths topics commonly tested in these exams.

Detailed Solutions: We understand the importance of not only practicing but also comprehending the solutions. Each question is accompanied by very detailed solutions, ensuring that kids can learn and apply the correct techniques.

Engaging and Fun: We've made maths practice fun for kids. Our questions are designed to be interactive and enjoyable, keeping young learners motivated and eager to explore the world of mathematics.

Subject-Based Categorisation: To make your preparation efficient and cost-effective, we've categorised the maths questions by subjects. You only pay for the specific maths topics your child needs to work on.

Questions per topic: For each maths topic, like percentages, area - volume questions, we provide several questions to make sure the topic is fully covered (for our BIDMAS book, it's 135 questions. For Algebra, that is 101 questions!). This extensive practice allows your child to build a strong foundation and gain confidence in maths skills.

Sorted by Difficulty: The questions are thoughtfully arranged in order of difficulty. This progressive approach helps kids gradually advance from easier questions to more challenging ones, promoting skill development and self-assurance.

Comprehensive Coverage: Our practice questions cover a broad spectrum of maths concepts and problems commonly found in school entrance exams. Your child will be well-prepared for a variety of maths questions in different 11 plus exams.

Prepare your child effectively for their 11 plus exams with our maths practice questions resource. We aim to make maths practice enjoyable, accessible, and aligned with your child's specific needs, ensuring they are well-prepared to tackle maths challenges in school entrance exams.

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